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  • Let’s Make Some Money Together

    If someone told you that you could touch a market that would keep you in business for years, what would you say?

    Believe it or not, the world of advertising is undergoing a change. At KCWI we can help you make greater impact with your marketing dollars by correctly implementing the use and domination of two mediums…Television and the Internet. What makes things truly appealing for local businesses is that it’s extremely cost-effective in the early days as these two vehicles become closer-and-closer.

    Let’s say you’d like to advertise on KCWI 23. Have you thought about complimenting your TV ads with a nearly-unlimited Internet presence?

    It’s all just beginning in Central Iowa. It’s economical. It’s inexpensive. It’s here now at KCWI 23 and KCWI23.com.

    Advertising on both KCWI 23 and KCWI23.com can give your business real impact.

    You Are Ready

    Do you have questions about what options you have as an advertiser? We’ve put together some clear-cut, plain-speaking answers that might help you with your decision.

    Why I Should Buy Ads On KCWI 23 And KCWI23.com
    Here’s the bottom line: You want to expose your business to as many people as possible.
    Some folks watch TV. Others surf the Internet.

    What if you could touch both of those potential customers? What if they see your ad on KCWI, but would like to know more about your product?

    What if you had a way to spread your message to a demographic group that ranges from age-18 to 49, the group making the most purchases of any?

    We can design a campaign that brings televison and the Internet together.

    Growing Together

    Consider this scenario: You place a series of television advertisments on KCWI 23, our TV media. Why not direct your customers to KCWI23.com to find out more?
    On KCWI23.com, we can not only let Web surfers see your ad, but we can show them information about your product that goes well beyond a 30- or 60-second ad.

    Let’s say you wanted to let your clients see a tour of your offerings. KCWI23.com can place a video on our Website for access 24-hours-a-day.


    Contact one of our Account Executives today to see the future. We’ve got plans for your business at KCWI 23.