• Inside-Out Grilled Steak Salad

    Inside-Out Grilled Steak Salad


    Wrap grilled Strip steaks in crunchy lettuce leaves and top with strips of your favorite veggies
    Makes 16 hand-held salads       Total recipe time 20-25 min


    2 beef Strip Steaks Boneless, cut 1 inch thick (about 10 ounces each)
    2 tsp. sweet paprika
    2 cloves garlic, minced
    1 tsp. black pepper
    2 c. thin assorted vegetable strips, (i.e. cucumber, red onion, carrots, bell pepper, sugar snap peas…)
    1/4 c. frozen peas, or corn, or shelled edamame, thawed
    1/4 c. vinaigrette (any variety)
    16 Boston or Butter lettuce leaves (about 4-5 inch diameter)
    1/3 c. crumbled blue cheese (opt.)
    1/3 c. toasted chopped almonds, walnuts, or pecans (opt.)

    Combine spices; press evenly onto beef steaks.

    Grill steaks over medium heat covered 11 to 14 minutes or to desired doneness, turning occasionally.

    Carve steaks into slices. Place lettuce leaves on serving platter.  Evenly layer vegetables onto lettuce leaves.
    Top evenly with steak. Drizzle with vinaigrette; sprinkle with nuts and cheese, if desired.

    Recipe from Beefitswhatsfordinner.com <http://beefitswhatsfordinner.com/