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  • Omelets in a Bag

    omellettes-in-a-bagThis easy omelet recipe is great for families and large gatherings. Everyone gets the omelet ingredients they want and everyone’s omelet is ready to eat at the same time. Kids will love helping make these!

    Large deep saucepan or dutch oven
    1 quart ziplock bags
    1 sharpie pen
    salt and pepper


    shredded cheese – flavor of your choice
    cooked crumbled bacon
    cooked crumbled sausage
    chopped ham
    chopped tomatoes
    chopped peppers
    chopped mushrooms
    chopped onions

    Fill dutch oven with water and bring water to a boil Write your name on the outside of a ziplock bag Place 2-3 eggs in the bag Add the optional ingredients of your choice Close bag tightly and squeeze to mix ingredients well Place bag in boiling water for approximately 13 minutes (omelet should not look wet when its done) Use tongs to retrieve ziplock bag from boiling water Open bag and empty your omelette onto a plate.