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  • Here's a dessert which presents well, travels well for office parties or potlucks and is kid friendly too!

      4 to 6 servings 1 French Bread loaf 10 […]

    1 package Rhodes Frozen Cinnamon rolls 3 tbsp. butte/margarine 1 […]

    9 inch unbaked pastry shell 8 ounces chopped cooked ham […]

      Wrap grilled Strip steaks in crunchy lettuce leaves and […]

    Creamed corn was always a favorite at my husband's family holiday dinners. I needed a recipe that wasn't laden with butter...

    This delicious day-after (Thanksgiving) dish is no secondhand supper. Ingredients […]

    A lighter version and tomato free lasagna that works well […]

    For a nutritious pretty green vegetable try Brussels sprouts with a little bacon and cream!

    If you don’t have enough leftover turkey try using Dahl’s […]