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     It's a Great Day on KCWI 23 - LIVE weekdays from 6:00am - 10:00am.
    Every Day is a Great Day to watch KCWI23-HD!
    "Great Day" is Des Moines' ONLY four-hour live, local morning show, with Lou Sipolt, Jackie Schmillen & Meteorologist Jason Parkin!
    Featuring Local Newsmakers… Celebrities…. Comedy… Animals… Music and more!
    You never know WHAT you're gonna see on Great Day!.

    Latest Videos

    See Our Guest Lineup

    TUESDAY 6/30

    6:40am: Ron the Car Guy

    7:20am: Political Party Scoopers

    8:20am: Great Day Sound Stage: Sara Routh

    8:40am: Attorney Kim Baer

    9:10am: Lovin' Local: Palmer's Deli

    9:30am: Stivers Downright Proud: Karrie Neill Anderson


    6:40am: Great Day to Grow It with Renes Greenhouse

    7:20am: Blank Park Zoo

    7:40am: Better Business with the Better Business Bureau

    7:50am: Celebration in Brass

    8:20am: Grillin' with Gaylon from Decked Out Side and Speed Herrig

    8:40am: Rekha's Voice with Rekha Basu

    9:10am: Great Smiles with Dr. Steffany Mohan, Plaza Dental Group

    9:30am: Great Day Sound Stage: Dakota Park

    THURSDAY 7/3

    6:40am: Catch Des Moines Events

    7:20am: Band Bombshell Local Music Showcase

    7:40am: 80/35 Music Festival

    8:20am: Linda Farr - Canine Musical Freestyle

    8:40am: Great Day Sound Stage: Taylor Igram CJC Combo (Jazz in July)

    9:10am: Fork in the Road with Sheree Clark

    9:30am: Cartoonist Brian Duffy

    9:40am: Roske on Politics with Brent Roske