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    Tuesday 10/21:
    6:40am: Ron the Car Guy - Recalls
    7:20am: Political Party Scoopers
    7:40am: Rebecca Herold, The Privacy Professor
    8:20am: Great Advice from Medicap Pharmacy
    8:40am: Soundstage: Cabaret Performance For Des Moines Social Club
    9:10am: Gigi's Playhouse - Down Syndrome Achievement Centers
    9:30am: Unity Point: Healthy Halloween

    Wednesday 10/22:
    6:40am: Great Day to Grow it with Renes Greenhouse / Chuck Renes                 
    7:20am: Blank Park Zoo 
    7:30am: Soundstage: Ballet Des Moines' 3 + One: A Triple Bill 
    7:40am: United Way: Mary Sellers
    8:20am: Decked Out Side with Gaylon Peterson
    8:30am: Unity Point: Ebola
    8:40am: Rekha’s Voice with Rekha Basu                
    9:10am: Great Smiles with Dr. Steffany Mohan from Plaza Dental
    9:30am: Tom Coates, Consumer Credit - National Save For Retirement Week

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