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    "Great Day" is Des Moines' ONLY four-hour live, local morning show, with Lou Sipolt, Jackie Schmillen & Meteorologist Jason Parkin!
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    Thursday 10/23:
    6:40am: Catch Des Moines with Greg Edwards
    7:20am: Band Bombshell: Local Music Spotlight with Chad Taylor
    7:40am: Dr. Eugene Cherny, Plastic Surgeon
    8:40am: Soundstage: The Host Country performing Friday at Vaudeville Mews
    9:10am: Fork in the Road with Sheree Clark 
    9:20am: Dr. JoAnn Tully discussing holistic wellness
    9:30am: Cartoonist Brian Duffy
    9:40am: Roske on Politics

    Friday 10/24:
    6:20am: Goodwill: Dig Deeper - Halloween Costumes
    6:40am: Pigskin Preview
    7:20am: Animal Rescue League: Last Chance for Great Pets
    7:40am: Iowa Basketball Coaches Association Fall Clinic
    8:20am: Funny Bone with Headliner John Caparulo
    8:40am: Funny Bone, Headliner John Caparulo
    9:10am: Great Food with Wini Moranville - Vom Fass
    9:30am: Soundstage: Field Division  


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