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  • Breakfast Club


    Now, we’ve got your exclusive invitation to join our KCWI23-HD Great Day Breakfast Club!

    What is the Breakfast Club?

    Each day we’ll e-mail you with our great lineup of guests. That way, when you’re enjoying breakfast & coffee at home in the morning and watching Great Day, you’ll always know what to expect!

    Since the show is on weekdays from 6-10am, we know most of you can’t watch it all. But as a member of the Great Day Breakfast Club, we can also send you an e-mail with links to all of the latest videos, so you can watch them anytime.

    And we’ll also be offering our club members great giveaways!

    So let us know if you’d always like to be “in the know” about all the great things happening on Great Day, weekday mornings from 6-10am on KCWI23-HD!


    The Great Day Team

    Great Day Breakfast Club