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    tmz Weeknights at 9:00pm Launched in 2005, TMZ's meteoric rise followed its exclusive on two of the biggest stories in entertainment: Mel Gibson's DUI arrest and subsequent encounter with law enforcement, and Michael Richards' ill-fated trip to the Laugh Factory. TMZ also broke the news of the breakup of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's marriage. TMZ altered the entertainment news landscape by changing the way the public gets its news. Frequently referenced by various media, TMZ is one of the most-cited entertainment news sources, utilized by national network and local news gathering organizations across the country.

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    • China Sinkhole -- Swallows People At Bus Stop August 27, 2015
      A sinkhole swallowed 5 people while waiting for a bus in a city in northeastern China on Saturday.  The lucky pedestrians not sucked into the 10 foot deep hole helped pull victims out. According to local reports 4 of the people that…
      TMZ Staff
    • NHL's Mike Richards -- Charged with Drug Possession In Canada August 27, 2015
      Ex-L.A. Kings player Mike Richards has been charged with possession of a controlled substance over an incident involving prescription drugs ... TMZ Sports has learned.   As we previously reported, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were…
      TMZ Staff