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  • Part-time Camera Operator

    KCWI-TV has an immediate opening for a Part-time Camera Operator. The ideal candidate will be experienced in live TV production and be available weekday mornings from 5:30am-9:30am
    Email resume / cover letter (sample of your on-air work) yourstation@kcwi23.com.

    Marketing Specialist

    KCWI 23 / KDMI 19 is currently seeking a sales professional to join our record setting sales team. The average income for a Marketing Specialist at KCWI / KDMI was $60k last year. The sales team at KCWI / KDMI gets pushed pretty hard but we play pretty hard as well. The successful candidate must be organized, outgoing, and an overachiever. Let me explain what I mean.

    To begin, a successful Marketing Specialist at KCWI/KDMI has a working knowledge of sales. They are not afraid to prospect new businesses, get on the phone and set face to face appointments. They know how to ask tough questions to get the answers needed to help them close business that gets results. They know how present ideas that will work and ask for the order. They are comfortable identifying objections, overcoming said objections, outlining reasonable expectations for ROI and asking for the order. They can restate features and benefits and ask for the order again. All of this to accomplish the main objective…closing business that will work for our clients.

    The second quality a successful candidate needs is a lack of fear. You must be willing to talk face to face with business owners in the Des Moines area. You must be willing to present big ideas that require lots of money and you must be comfortable doing it. You must be confident that your ideas will work and transfer that enthusiasm and confidence to your potential client. Know that it is not a false confidence as the station has over 100 testimonials and case studies from businesses in Des Moines that were glad they decided to partner with KCWI / KDMI!

    You also must be able to multi-task in a fast moving business. There will be plenty of days where you will wonder where the time went. You will have to be setting appointments, keeping appointments, writing orders, organizing commercial shoots, attend meetings, watch commercials, create promotions, attend events, network, and many other things. You will have to run while balancing multiple projects.

    There is an intangible quality that successful media sales people possess and is hard to explain. You must love to watch television and in particular commercials to see why they will or will not get results for clients. We know what works and can identify the keys! You must have the tenacity of a Pit Bull to get after business and keep going back for more. You must be comfortable working with a computer. You must understand advertising and the role it can play in business and you must understand business in general. You must be able to quickly bond with local businesses and offer solutions to their problems. You must be able to balance the needs of the station with the needs and wants of the client and create win-win situations.

    We have a great team of people at KCWI / KDMI and we are looking for great players. If you desire a position where your income is dependant upon your efforts and there is no limitation. You should send me your story and convince me that you are my next Marketing Specialist.
    Email resume / cover letter: thoffman@kcwi23.com