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  • Cloudy, Hot & Breezy

    DSM Almanac: High Yesterday: 90 Precip: 0.7″ (as of 5:10am) Average High Today: 82 Record High Today: 94 (1933, 1913, 1897) Low: 46 (1999) Sunrise: 5:40 Sunset: 8:51

    U.S. High Temperature for Monday, June 16, 2014
    (as received by 2 am EDT June 17)
    109 at Death Valley, CA

    Low Temperature for Monday, June 16, 2014
    (as received by 2 am EDT June 17)
    26 at Shirley Basin, WY

    On This Date in Iowa Weather History (courtesy of the NWS): 1882: One of the worst tornadoes on record in Iowa traveled intermittently for more than a hundred miles across west central, central, and southeastern Iowa famously devastating the city of Grinnell. The first damage occurred near Arcadia in Carroll County, then the storm killed one person in Rippey where a well-defined funnel cloud was first seen. At the same time a second storm on a parallel track about 8 to 10 miles to the north was causing several fatalities around Ogden. The two storms had merged by the time they reached Grinnell where the college campus was devastated with F5 damage as the tornado swept through town. The tornado went on to kill at least a dozen people in Malcom, then became a straight-line wind storm turning southeastward and accelerating to nearly 60 mph causing significant damage in Mount Pleasant at around 11 pm before crossing the Mississippi River into Illinois just south of Burlington. Casualty records are incomplete, but it is likely that more than 100 people were killed by this storm with most of the fatalities in and around Grinnell. The death toll would likely have been much higher except that many of the college students were attending a ball game in a neighboring town at the time the tornado struck the Grinnell campus.

    Your KCWI-23HD Great Day 7-Day Forecast: 

    Today: Scattered storms thru mid-morning… then partly cloudy, hot and breezy… scattered storms north of highway 20 late… 91. South winds 10-20 gusting near 30 mph.

    Tonight: Scattered storms north of highway 20, otherwise warm and breezy… 73. South winds 5-15 mph gusting near 25 mph.

    Wednesday: Hot and breezy… isolated storms possible… 92. South winds 10-20 mph.

    Wednesday night and Thursday: Scattered storms, becoming more widespread Thursday… high Thursday 86.

    Friday: Partly cloudy… 86.

    Saturday: 40% chance of scattered storms… 86.

    Sunday: 30% storm chance… 82.

    Monday: Partly cloudy… 80.

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