• Rain Train Continues

    DSM Almanac: High Yesterday: 92 Precip: 0.01″ Average High Today: 83 Record High Today: 104 (1983) Low: 45 (1910) Sunrise: 6:35 Sunset: 7:57

    U.S. High Temperature for Monday, August 25, 2014
    (as received by 2 am EDT August 26)
    112 at Death Valley, CA

    Low Temperature for Monday, August 25, 2014
    (as received by 2 am EDT August 26)
    28 at West Yellowstone Gate, MT

    On This Date in Iowa Weather History (courtesy of the NWS): 2004: Severe thunderstorms produced very large hail, strong winds, and heavy rain across Iowa. Near Kanawha in Hancock County 3 inch diameter hail fell then was followed just 30 minutes later by incredible 5.5 inch diameter hail at the same location from a different storm. Baseball to tennis ball sized hail was also reported near Gilmore City and Odebolt. In central Iowa 60 to 75 mph wind gusts blew cars off highways and in southern Iowa 3 to 4 inches of rain caused flash flooding in Davis County.

    1965: Three significant tornadoes touched down in central and eastern Iowa including an F4 that killed 1 person and injured 17 others as it tracked across rural Benton County from south of La Porte City to near Mount Auburn. Very large hail also fell with 2 to 3 inch diameter stones reported in Black Hawk, Dubuque, and Clinton counties.

    1883 – Krakatoa Volcano exploded in the East Indies. The explosion was heard more than 2500 miles away, and every barograph around the world recorded the passage of the air wave, up to seven times. Giant waves, 125 feet high and traveling 300 mph, devastated everything in their path, hurling ashore coral blocks weighing up to 900 tons, and killing more than 36,000 persons. Volcanic ash was carried around the globe in thirteen days producing blue and green suns in the tropics, and then vivid red sunsets in higher latitudes. The temperature of the earth was lowered one degree for the next two years, finally recovering to normal by 1888. (David Ludlum)

    Your KCWI-23HD Great Day 7-Day Forecast:

    Today: Mostly cloudy… good chance (obviously) of morning storms… isolated afternoon storms… cooler… 79. NE winds 5-10 mph.

    Tonight: Slight chance of an evening storms, but again better heavy rain/storm chances after midnight… 65. NE winds around 10 mph.

    Wednesday: 80% chance of storms… heavy rain possible… 78. East winds 5-10 mph.

    Thursday: 80% storm chance again… 80.

    Friday: 70% storm chance… 81.

    Saturday: 70% storm chance… 79.

    Sunday: Partly cloudy… 82.

    Monday: 40% storm chance… 82.

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