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  • Weekend Snow Chances

    DSM Almanac: High Yesterday: 28 Precip: Trace Average High Today: 41 Record High Today: 68 (1981) Low: -11 (1962) Sunrise: 6:52 Sunset: 6:03

    U.S. High Temperature for Wednesday, February 26, 2014
    (as received by 1 am EST February 27)
    88 at Fort Lauderdale, FL
    88 at Pompano Beach, FL

    Low Temperature for Wednesday, February 26, 2014
    (as received by 1 am EST February 27)
    -25 at Clark, WY
    -25 at Shirley Basin, WY

    On This Date in Iowa Weather History (courtesy of the NWS): 1954: Virtually no snow fell in Iowa for the first 24 days of February before a storm struck from the 25th-27th, producing very heavy snow in a band from northwestern through east central Iowa. The heaviest snowfall amounts were recorded in a swath from around Marshalltown to east of Cedar Rapids. Several stations in this area received record snowfall including Cedar Rapids where 16.7 inches of snow fell on the 26th and a storm total of 17.8 inches was received. These remain the single day and storm total snowfall records at that location. At Des Moines, south of the band of heaviest snow, a total of only 3.9 inches was recorded for the entire three day event.

    Your KCWI-23HD Great Day 7-Day Forecast:

    Today: Partly cloudy…6. NW winds 5-10mph. Wind chills to -20.

    Tonight: Partly cloudy… 2. East winds 5-10. Wind chills to -15.

    Tomorrow: Increasing clouds… afternoon/eve. snow… 1-3″ totals… 25. East winds 5-15.

    Saturday: Dry in the morning… snow in the afternoon and evening… 12.

    Sunday: Morning snow… 7.

    Monday: Mostly cloudy… 8.

    Tuesday: Partly cloudy… a 20% snow chance… 15.

    Wednesday: 30% snow chance… 22.

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