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  • Windy and Warmer

    DSM Almanac: High Yesterday: 34 Precip: Trace Average High Today: 54 Record High Today: 87 (1991) Low: -1 (1964) Sunrise: 7:08 Sunset: 7:33

    U.S. High Temperature for Tuesday, March 25, 2014
    (as received by 2 am EDT March 26)
    96 at Death Valley, CA

    Low Temperature for Tuesday, March 25, 2014
    (as received by 2 am EDT March 26)
    -27 at 1 mile northwest of Clayton Lake, ME

    On This Date in Iowa Weather History (courtesy of the NWS): 1983: A significant snow storm struck Iowa on March 25-27 producing several inches of snow in southeastern portions of the state with increasing amounts further west and northwest and over a foot falling in some areas west of Interstate 35. The highest reported storm total accumulations included 14.0 inches at Denison and Fort Dodge, 15.7 inches at Sioux City, 16.0 inches at Sac City and Storm Lake, 17.0 inches at Ida Grove and Sanborn, 20.0 inches at Castana, 21.0 inches at Holstein, and an amazing 24.0 inches at Sidney. The snow was very wet and heavy especially in southwestern Iowa where power lines and tree limbs were downed, while further north the snow was a bit drier and blew more easily resulting in very low visibilities at times.

    1964: Unusually cold late March weather settled over Iowa on March 26-27 following a winter storm that had produced snow, sleet, and freezing rain across most of the state. On the morning of the 26th the temperature dropped all the way to -1 F at Des Moines making it the latest date of the year on which the temperature has ever fallen to zero or below at that location. Other low temperatures that morning included -2 F at Primghar and Sanborn and -3 F at Audubon and Storm Lake. On the morning of the 27th temperatures were slightly higher across central Iowa, but lower in northern Iowa where the temperature bottomed out at -8 F at Saratoga.

    Your KCWI-23HD Great Day 7-Day Forecast:

    Today: Windy and warmer… 58. SSE winds 15-25 gusting near 40mph.

    Tonight: 30% chance of showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm… 42. S winds 15-25 gusting near 35 mph.

    Thursday: 70% chance of showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm… 55. SW winds 10-20 mph.

    Friday: Partly cloudy and cooler… 48.

    Saturday: Partly cloudy… 54.

    Sunday: Breezy and warm… 68.

    Monday: 20% rain chance… 56.

    Tuesday: Partly cloudy and cooler… 49.

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